The Best Insoles for Running

For those who understand the joy of running, finding the right equipment is paramount to fostering a lifelong love for the sport. Sure, you can cut corners over the short term, but the consequences of having ill-fitting or cut-rate equipment over the long term can be severe.

This need for quality equipment may be most evident when it comes to searching for the best insoles for running. If you’ve been looking for the best running shoe inserts to subsidize your training, Pareto Athletics is excited to introduce you to the PR1 training insole, the most revolutionary running insole on the market today.

What Makes the PR1 Unique?

When we call the PR1 “unique,” it’s not hyperbole. In fact, there’s literally nothing on the market like our specially-engineered training insole.

When our founder was looking for the best insoles for running shoes that could help improve his running stride, to his surprise, he couldn’t find a single product that satisfied that need. “Look at all these insoles for people that have a running injury,'' he thought. “Why isn’t there anything on the market to help prevent these problems in the first place?” From this thought, the PR1 was born.

Our founder went to the drawing board to engineer from the ground up the absolute best training insoles for running. He was looking for something that was light, strong, and that could train a runner without needing batteries or cords. Take a look at the PR1, and we think you’ll agree that he succeeded in his quest!

What Are the Specs of the PR1?

What makes the PR1 the best running shoe inserts you’ll find anywhere? Where do we begin?

  • The auditory and haptic cues provided by the PR1 help create a feedback loop that will subconsciously improve an athlete’s footwork over time. This is accomplished without the need for charging or a wireless internet connection.
  • The PR1 is so light, it weighs under an ounce! Additionally, it’s a slim 2 mm in thickness, making it fit easily into most running shoes without overcrowding.
  • Our insoles remind athletes to stay on the balls of their feet when moving forward, backward, and laterally. Runners, soccer players, and other athletes can find a host of ways the PR1 will improve their game.
  • These insoles are made to fit almost any men’s, women’s, or youth’s shoes or cleats. Simply cut the PR1 to size utilizing our easy-to-follow guide.

With free shipping and a 1-year guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Here at Pareto Athletic, we’re confident that our next-level training insoles are the best insoles for running. 

Have questions? Contact our founder and PR1 creator Charlie Bennet by following this link. He’d be glad to answer all of your questions!

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