How to install?

Use your shoe's stock insole as a template to trace onto the PR1. 

Before tracing the outline, adjust the PR1 and stock insole so the edge of both heels are aligned.

Using scissors, cut along the outline. Do not cut the hard heel section of the PR1. 

Position the PR1 so it lays flat with the logo facing up inside the shoe. The PR1 should be as far back towards the heel of your shoe as possible.

Rock back on heels to check spring activation. It sensitivity and position of activation should feel identical between feet. Adjust PR1s as necessary to get symmetry. 

Full video install instructions can be found by clicking on the video icon below!


Can I adjust the sensitivity?

The position of the heel assembly can affect the sensitivity of the spring. Every shoe and foot combo is different. The goal is to position the spring underneath the back of your heel.

You should be able to roll back on your heels and activate the spring.

A good starting position for the insole is flat across the midsole of the shoe and as far back towards the shoe's heel counter as possible. 

PR1 insole correct proper position alignment

Moving the insole backward and positioning the spring assembly against the heel counter can increase sensitivity. 

PR1 insole correct proper position alignment

If you still have question, reach out! My cell is 323 484 8946. - Charlie

Do I need to remove my shoe's stock insole?

It depends on the design of the stock insole.

The PR1 should lay relatively flat and as far back towards the heel counter as possible, as shown below:

PR1 insole correct proper position alignment

If the stock insole has a deep heel cup, it can affect the angle and position of the spring. This tends to increase the sensitivity of the spring (which some people prefer). 

PR1 insole correct proper position alignment

If your stock insole is thin enough to allow you to still activate the spring, you can try positioning the PR1 underneath the stock insole but the auditory feedback will be reduced. 

To confirm that the PR1 is positioned properly, you should be able to rock back on your heel and trigger the spring. If you are unable to generate feedback with this motion, the switch needs to move further back towards the heel counter. 

Does the insole fit in only running shoes?

The PR1 can be used with most sport-specific footwear (tennis, football, soccer, baseball, basketball), minimal footwear, or casual shoes. Not recommended in shoes with a heel drop in excess of 15mm.

Do you ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, Pareto Athletic insoles are only available to ship within the US. We are working towards expanding out shipping methods in the future.

How long does domestic shipping take?

Shipping takes between 3-5 business days.

What is the return policy? 

30 days from the date of purchase for a full money-back refund. No questions asked, but we'd love your feedback. Contact us at info@paretoathletics.com for more info.

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept most major credits cards or PayPal

How do I sponsor my running team? 

Contact us at info@parethoathletics.com

Why is the insole only available in one size? 

Our main focus is positioning the sensor underneath the back of your heel and the size of a shoe's heel cavity barely increases with shoe size. Because of this, we are able to cover most Women's 6 - 15 and Men's 5 - 14 US sizes with a single insole template.

Why is there no arch support in the PR1? 

Arch support is not necessary for all foot types and every foot has a unique arch shape. The PR1's minimal design allows a user to fit the PR1 on top of a custom orthotic or insole with arch support.

More questions?

Contact us at charlie@parethoathletics.com