Develop better running technique with the patented PR1 Footstrike Trainer.


Speed is a skill

How your foot makes ground contact (footstrike) is the biggest factor in determining an athlete's speed.

The PR1 teaches you to stop heel striking and develop a consistent midfoot strike for a more efficient running technique.

  • Improve

    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Coordination
    • Efficiency
  • Reduce

    • Overstriding
    • Heel striking
    • Joint loading
    • Braking forces

Simple feedback

The PR1 provides an auditory cue when you land too hard on your heel. This feedback loop helps you correct and reinforce a midfoot strike with every step.

  • No batteries

    No charging or syncing with an app. Just trim to fit and start moving to get feedback.

  • Fits any shoe

    Footwork is fundamental to every sport. The PR1 is trim to fit and works in any athletic shoe.

  • Ultra lightweight

    Weight is the enemy of efficiency. A pair of PR1's weigh less than 2oz.

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Speed is a skill

Learn to run faster with the PR1 Footstrike Trainer.