Develop better running technique with the patented PR1 Footstrike Trainer.


Speed is a skill

Footstrike, how your foot makes ground contact, is the biggest factor in determining an athlete's speed.

The PR1 teaches you to stop heel striking and develop a consistent midfoot strike for a more efficient running technique.

  • Improve

    • Speed

    • Agility

    • Coordination

    • Efficiency

  • Reduce

    • Overstriding

    • Heel striking

    • Joint loading

    • Braking forces

Simple feedback

The PR1 provides an auditory cue when you land too hard on your heel. This feedback loop helps you correct and reinforce a midfoot strike with every step.

Real motor learning

Move beyond static drills and develop a consistent midfootstrike under real-world conditions.

This graph shows the same athlete running with and without the PR1. The blue line shows how consistent the athlete's footstrike is over time when using the PR1. The black line shows the same athlete's form deteriorate over time without the PR1. 

  • No batteries

    No charging or syncing with an app. Just trim to fit and start moving to get feedback.

  • Fits any shoe

    Footwork is fundamental to every sport. The PR1 is trim to fit and works in any athletic shoe.

  • Ultra lightweight

    Weight is the enemy of efficiency. A pair of PR1's weigh less than 2oz.

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Speed is a skill

Learn to run faster with the PR1 Footstrike Trainer.