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PR1 Footstrike Trainer

PR1 Footstrike Trainer

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The PR1 is the only training aid that helps you develop a midfoot strike. Using our patented Strike Detection Sensor, the PR1 creates a simple feedback loop for improved coordination and consistency.


1 order includes both left and right insoles

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Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty on every pair of PR1s. If it breaks, we'll replace it for free.


Sizing is based on user weight

The pressure sensor in the heel is tuned to provide feedback based on the amount of force applied. Lighter athletes, those under 100lbs (45kg), require more sensitive feedback.

Trim to fit - one size fits all

Covers Youth size 1 to Men's  14 & Women's 15. 

The sensor in the heel is the only part of the insole that cannot be cut. The sensor is narrow enough to accommodate shoe sizes down to Youth size 1. 

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  • Improve

    • Speed
    • Coordination
    • Agility
    • Efficiency
  • Reduce

    • Overstriding
    • Heel striking
    • Joint loading
    • Braking forces
  • 1. Heelstrike

    Place too much pressure on your heels, be it from overstriding, excessive heel strike or standing flat footed.

  • 2. Auditory feedback

    The PR1's patented Strike Detection System (SDS) provides real-time feedback, creating a powerful feedback loop.

  • 3. Midfoot strike

    To avoid triggering the SDS, you'll start shifting your weight forward. With repeated use, you'll naturally develop a midfoot strike.

Consistent form

Move beyond static drills and develop a consistent footstrike under real-world conditions.

This graph shows the same athlete running with and without the PR1. The blue line shows how consistent the athlete's footstrike is over time when using the PR1. The black line shows the same athlete's form deteriorate over time without the PR1. 

  • No batteries

    No charging or syncing with an app required.

  • Fits any shoe

    Develop better footwork with every step.

  • Ultra lightweight

    A pair of PR1's weigh less than 2oz.

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  • Weight: .85 oz or 24g per insole (untrimmed)
  • Stack height: 3mm
  • Made in USA

International shipping

Unfortunately, we only ship within the US. We are working towards expanding out shipping methods in the future!

Why no arch support?

Arch support is not necessary for most athletes. The foot is designed to flex under load and arch support immobilizes the foot.

Arch support should only be used under the guidance of a professional as it will dramatically alter the alignment and range of motion across the entire kinetic chain. 

The PR1's thin design allows the user to fit the PR1 on top of a custom orthotic or arch support if necessary.

Do I need to replace my shoe's stock insole?

The PR1 is designed to replace your shoe's stock insole. While placing the PR1 on top of your shoe's insole may work, it will limit the sensor's feedback.

How to install

Use your shoe's stock insole as a template to trace onto the PR1. 

Before tracing the outline, adjust the PR1 and stock insole so the edge of both heels are aligned.

Using scissors, cut along the outline. Do not cut the hard heel section of the PR1. 

Position the PR1 so it lays flat with the logo facing up inside the shoe. The PR1 should be as far back towards the heel of your shoe as possible.

Rock back on heels to check spring activation. It sensitivity and position of activation should feel identical between feet. Adjust PR1s as necessary.