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To get started, you'll need:

1. the shoes you plan to use with the PR1s. 

2. a pen 

3. scissors 

4. your PR1s

Installation instructions.

1. Use your shoe's stock insole as a template to trace onto the PR1s. 

2. Cut the PR1s along this template.

3. Slide the PR1's into your shoes like the original insole with the "P" on the heel sensor facing upwards.

4. The PR1s should lay flat in your shoes with the heel sensor as far back towards the heel of the shoe as possible.

5. The PR1 should replace your shoe's stock insole or can be placed on top of a custom orthotic. We do not recommend that you place the PR1 underneath your existing insole as it will severely limit the PR1's feedback.

The video below walks you through the installation process.


With the PR1's installed and your shoe's on both feet, start walking around. The goal is to learn the pressure threshold and foot position which triggers the feedback at a low speed and intensity. 

Once you are comfortable with this, build you speed and distance with the PR1s over time. Start with simple drills and short runs to allow you body to acclimate to any changes in your mechanics.

As you become more proficient in the PR1s, you will receive less feedback as a result of your form improving. The more you wear the PR1s, the better your form will become as you will reinforce proper footwork under more varied conditions. 

If you have any questions, you can call or text us at 323.484.8946 or via email at charlie@paretoathletics.com