Run faster with better form

PR1 Insoles help you develop and maintain proper running mechanics.

Running is a skill

Make running easier by mastering the fundamentals. 

The PR1's help you develop a controlled footstrike using a simple feedback loop. By learning to control your footstrike, you can run with greater efficiency. 

Consistent form

You're only as good as your last step. The PR1's help you reinforce consistent form and a reduced the risk of injury due to fatigue as a result.  

This graph shows the PR1's ability to maintain a consistent footstrike over the course of a run (blue) compared to the same runner without the PR1 (black) where their form deteriorated with time.

What fellow runners are saying:

Train smarter, not harder

Learn to run faster with the PR1 Insoles

Over half of all runners are injured annually! 

We need to train smarter, not harder. Running is a skill, and if we're not reinforcing the right movement patterns, we're setting ourselves up for pain and disappointment. 

That's why we built the PR1s - to make running a little bit easier and a lot more fun in the process!  

Charlie Bennett

Founder & CEO of Pareto Athletics