How the PR1 works

Learn how the PR1 helps you develop a controlled midfoot strike.


Simple feedback, powerful results

The PR1 helps you bridge the gap between drills and the open road.
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  • The PR1 is trim to fit and covers Women's 6 - 15 & Men's 5 - 14 US sizing

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The PR1 Insole helps you develop a controlled midfoot strike.

Land too hard on your heel and the PR1 will provide an auditory cue (real-time auditory feedback) so you can adjust and maintain consistent form.

Improve control over how you move, for better running efficiency while reducing impact on the body. 

Use during practice, competition or rehab for motor learning under real-world conditions.  

No apps or batteries required. Simply trim to fit. 

Weight: 28g per insole (untrimmed)

Drop: 0mm

Stack height: 2.5mm

Surface: Microsuede for improved grip

Foam: EVA 

The PR1 is offered in a single size which covers Women's 6 - 15 & Men's 5 - 14 US sizing.

How is this possible?

Arch support isn't necessary for most people. This means the PR1 can be flat and as a result a single design covers a wide range of shoe sizes. 

30 day 100% money back guarantee with free return shipping.

We have a lifetime warranty on every pair of PR1s. If it breaks, we'll replace it for free.