What's is zero drop with respect to footwear?

In order to understand zero drop, we first need to understand stack height. 

Stack height measures the thickness of the shoe underneath the foot. In most shoes, the heel of the shoe is the thickest part, gradually thinning towards the front of the shoe.

The difference in thickness between the the heel and toe of the shoe is the drop. Zero drop means there is no change in thickness across the foot. The shoe's footbed is flat as opposed a wedge.


stack height explained PR1 insole

How does drop affect performance?

Drop affects how your feet interact with the ground. This in turn affects the loading rates and range of movement in the ankle and knees. 

This image highlighting how drop affects your entire system.

It is also important to consider is weight distribution across your foot. With increased drop, the weight distribution across your foot shifts towards the front of your foot.

Why does the PR1 Insole have a zero drop?

The less drop you have, the better. 

PR1 insole zero drop stack height


That being said, we don't want to impact the philosophy and engineering behind the shoes you wear, whether it is a zero drop minimal trail shoe or a marathon racer with a tall stack height and drop. 

The PR1 insole aims to improve performance in any shoe.

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Charlie Bennett