What is real-time feedback?

Feedback is information related to a specific movement. This information helps an individual understand and refine their movement for better performance. Real-time feedback is when this information is provided during the specific movement, as opposed to after it has been completed. 


How does the PR1 insole use real-time feedback?

The PR1’s patent-pending sensor detects when the user places too much pressure on the back of their heel. The sensor provides real-time feedback as a simple clicking sound or chirp which cues the user to shorten their stride and land softer. 

Real-time feedback


How does this feedback help you run better?

This feedback helps the user develop more controlled footwork. The majority of runners are heel strikers and with modern shoes’ emphasis on tall stack height, this can limit the feedback provided naturally by the nerves in the feet. This results in sloppy footwork and overstriding, particularly as the user changes pace or fatigues. 

The PR1's simple real-time feedback allows the user to develop greater control and consistency over their footwork. This translates to being able to run faster for longer. 


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Charlie Bennett