Speed is a skill

Learn how the PR1 uses simple feedback to help you develop elite footwork. 

PR1 Soccer v2


Keep weight off your heels for more explosive performance. The PR1 v2 uses our patented Strike Detection Sensor to teach you to land on the ball of your feet.  

S1 - Athlete under 100lbs (45kg)S2 - Athlete over 100lbs (45kg)

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Sizing is based on user weight

The pressure sensor in the heel is tuned to provide feedback based on the amount of force applied. Lighter athletes, those under 100lbs (45kg), require more sensitive feedback.

Trim to fit - one size fits all

Covers Youth size 1 to Men's  14 & Women's 15. 

The sensor in the heel is the only part of the insole that cannot be cut. The sensor is narrow enough to accommodate shoe sizes down to Youth size 1. 

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The PR1 uses auditory feedback to help athletes reinforce proper footwork. 

Our patented Stride Detection Sensor (SDS) provides real-time feedback when you place too much weight on your heels. This creates a simple feedback loop that helps you correct and maintain proper form.


The PR1 is easy to incorporate into drills, practice or competition. Take everywhere to build better footwork under every condition.


Weight: 24g per insole (untrimmed)

Stack height: 3mm

Made in USA


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Nicolas DiBenedetto
Constant Improvement

When my running performance stagnated I started using these insoles. I found that my gait needed improvement in ways I had never recognized before. After spending some time improving my mid-foot strike I can see progress in terms of endurance and knee pain. I'm thrilled with the results and recommend these to all the runners I know!

Mike S.
Great Tech!

Simple but effective! Instant feedback on your running stride and easy to install into any running shoe.

Chris Hartzler
Perfect Solution

No gimmicks. No electronics. These just work.

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