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Pareto Athletics created the PR1 as the ultimate training tool to give athletes an edge in whatever sport or pursuit they’re striving at. Our athletic shoe inserts use auditory cues to help encourage proper foot striking. Over time, using the PR1 encourages the muscle memory needed to make the proper running stride become almost second nature. Sometimes, we’re asked just who exactly our PR1 corrective insoles are made for? The answer is simple: almost everybody! For instance...

They’re Athletic Shoe Inserts For Runners

Runners know that the proper stride can make all the difference when running on hard, unforgiving pavement. Running with an improper gait can cause a host of long term issues, including:

  • Heel spurs
  • Shin splints
  • Knee pain

By using the PR1, runners will gain the benefit of maintaining the proper stride. Not only should this make you healthier over the long term, it should make you faster too! Because of this, PR1’s are the perfect training tool for your upcoming race.

runner in starting blocks
two soccer players fighting for the ball

They’re Athletic Shoe Inserts For Soccer Players

For soccer players on the pitch, finding that extra gear of speed can be the difference between a game-winning goal or a failed strike at the net. Using the PR1 during practice can help encourage proper running habits, which will directly translate to increased speed and mobility in your next match.

They’re Athletic Shoe Inserts For Tennis Players

It’s easy for a tennis player to rock or strike on the balls of their feet, but this habit can cause a loss of the explosive power that’s needed for a quick reaction when you’re on the court. Whether you’re playing on clay, grass, or a hard court, you’ll immediately see the benefits from training with the PR1.

a tennis player preparing to serve
A baseball player slides into a base

They’re Athletic Shoe Inserts For Baseball Players

Whether you’re stealing second base, tracking down a high pop fly, or legging out a double into a triple, baseball players understand the need to sprint at a moment’s notice. The PR1 corrective insole helps encourage proper running form, which could turn a potential game-ending double play into a game-winning run!

They’re Athletic Shoe Inserts For Coaches

When coaches are looking for an edge, they turn to Pareto Athletic! We offer bulk prices for teams, leagues, and schools that order the PR1. Contact us to find out what kind of volume pricing we can offer for your team.

a soccer coach teaching a young team

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You can be confident in your purchase of the PR1 with our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love them, return them to us and we’ll pay the shipping! That’s how confident we are in our product.

If you still have questions about what makes the PR1 so unique, you can check out our FAQ page or you can contact us directly with your specific question. We’re always glad to help!